Overworked trial and appellate judges read numerous legal documents throughout the day. To stand out and be recognized, pleadings, motions, and briefs must be meticulously researched and written in an engaging and readable fashion.

At the pretrial stage, Keller Stolarczyk PLLC provides thorough research on critical legal issues, including the development of theories of liability and defenses. It also provides assistance researching and drafting motions, such as expert challenges and summary judgment motions, allowing trial lawyers to focus on depositions and discovery.

At trial, Keller Stolarczyk PLLC assists with evidentiary issues, preservation of error, and the drafting of a strategic jury charge. And, on review to the appellate court, whether by mandamus petition, interlocutory appeal, or direct appeal, Keller Stolarczyk PLLC ensures effective presentation of legal issues and provides sophisticated legal analysis, encompassing the current state of the law, as well as trends occurring in state and federal jurisprudence, to seek the best outcome for the client.

An appellate attorney’s job begins long before the appellate brief is due. Today’s legal team often includes an appellate attorney from the start of litigation:

  • Pretrial: research and drafting assistance regarding potential causes of actions and defenses, strategic discovery options, and dispositive motions
  • Mediation: research assistance and risk assessment on strengths and weaknesses of the case to ensure an informed evaluation of settlement values
  • Trial: preservation of error, admissibility or exclusion of key evidence, and calculated drafting of the jury charge and pre- and post-verdict motions

Then, if all else fails, comes the appellate brief.